Sensachew Pencil Toppers

Sensachew Pencil Toppers


The Sensachew Pencil Topper comes in a set of 3 and are great for those that are always chewing the top off their pencils or pens.

The chewable tube is custom made to fit on standard pencils and pens. Just slide it snugly down onto the eraser end of a pencil about 2.5cm and there will be approximately 5cm of tubing left (extending from the end of the pencil) to chew on.

They are perfect for school environment that don't allow chewing gum or other chewies.

Made from non-toxic, medical grade tubing.

You can choose from 4 different colours: Clear, Red, Blue or Green.

Use under adult supervision and check regularly for deterioration and damage.

Age: 3+

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