Buzzing Magnetic

Buzzing Magnetic

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I love these Buzz Magnets!  They are magnets, yes, but the shape of them makes them very tactile and great fidget toy!

They chirp, they whirr, that are mysteriously irresistible!

They seem simple enough - two finely polished, high powered, oval shaped magnets.  But pull them apart and bring them next to each other they enthusiastically come to life!

Throw these two magnets up and listen as they buzz through the air!

Buzzing Magnets are made out of very strong magnets and should be kept away from sensitive objects and devices such as (but not limited to): pacemakers, laptops, TV’s, computers and credit cards.

These magnets are heavy, please use with care and follow the age recommendation of 8 years +.

They are not indestructible so best used on soft flooring to reduce risk of breaking.

Magnet size: 6cm x 1.7cm 

Age: 8+

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